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derniere_dragon's Journal

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Character's Name: Melusine
Series/Fandom: Original Character
Original/Alternate: Original
Age: ??? Looks to be in her late teens.
Gender: Female
Species: Android, Class: Arcane Knight

Appearance: Appearance: Melusine cares for her appearance in so far that she doesn't want to look dirty (which would never happen regardless, because of her extensive baths). That's about it. When not in her school uniform, her favourite outfit is a knee-length skirt, dark jeans, and several layers of shirts and vests. But this doesn't happen very often—as said, she doesn't much care for her appearance, and will walk around in her school uniform all the time if at all possible. She doesn't feel the need to profile herself as a fashion item, and just feels her personality should be what matters. Underneath all that, Melusine has the body of a girl in her late teens. She has curves, but not extremely so; she's in shape because of all the running she does for fun, but she doesn't look like a sport maniac. All in all, she's cute, but nothing special. What's special about her is her face: her long dark hair is done up in dozens and dozens of tiny braids, framing a nicely-shaped face. The dark colour of her hair only makes the green of her eyes stand out more. Often, there will be a radiant smile on her face. Her positive outlook on life is reflected in both her smile and the way she walks; there's a spring in her step, like it's always the beginning of spring. This, combined with her curious nature, causes her to look at everything with an inexhaustible, sometimes even tiring, enthusiasm. Still, you can't help but enjoy the simple joy she finds in these things, the shimmer in her eye and the flash of teeth as she smiles.

Personality: Gentle and caring, Melusine easily smiles, is hard to anger and is polite and helpful even to strangers. Although peaceful by nature, she can't stand injustice and will gladly fight if it means protecting others and her beliefs.

Despite this innocent approach to life, Melusine is far from clueless. In her seven years, she is already familiar with the brutal reality of life and she can be very mature when she chooses to be. Rather than clinging to her innocence, she chooses to follow it because that is the way she wants to live. Still, her life experience is rather lacking when compared to others.

Melusine is fiercely loyal and will stick to someone she considers a friend until the end. She is good with people and enjoys the small things with life, which lends to her consistent sugar-sweet manner. She enjoys bathing and often uses this to forget her problems, and sometimes end up stuck in the bathroom for hours, much to her friends' dismay.

Skills and Abilities: Like all androids, Melusine possesses increased strength and endurance when compared to humans. Although more fragile than most knight types, she makes up for this with speed and agility. Her experience with martial arts and gymnastics allows her to absorb and recover from attacks easier, adding to her toughness.

Her reactor and blood circulation system are laced with magic, allowing her to utilize Ki-based attacks, although she's still young and has no knowledge of anything beyond basic shields and projectiles.

Melusine is equipped with an experimental D-Wing system that releases and ignites trails of Ki, allowing her to fly. Visually, this appears as a stream of shining green energy from her legs and back, creating an illusion of stylized dragon wings and tail. This system allows her perfect control of herself in air, creating an effect similar to dancing.

Her skin is laced with an additional layer that, when activated, appears as a faint pattern of hexagons. Dubbed D-Scale, this not only grants her additional protection from energy weapons, but even absorbs energy from them, allowing her to recharge herself from being attacked. In passive state, this system absorbs particles of pollution from the air around her.

Personal Belongings: She was wearing two small silver necklaces, both of them in the shape of a tear, but one of them has a small silver dragon wrapped around it. There was mostly food stored in her backpack, but she also had a diary in it, a few pictures of her hometown and her father, and the documents he gave her when he died.

Duelist Weapon: She is equipped with two weapons. One is the Caster Frame named Dragonsong, a CF based on the blueprints of the ancient CF Mirage. Like Mirage, it can also change shape, although its current forms are limited to that of a large silver bow that fires energy particles, thus still limiting Melusine to martial arts when in close combat.

Her other weapon is her TELOS, Dragonfire, which is currently inactive.

School Uniform: Melusine took it simple with this: Her uniform consists of a skirt that ends just above her knees, knee-high socks, simple flat shoes, a button-up shirt, and a simple jacket for when it gets cold. All of this is black, with small green and yellow details on the cuffs and edges.

History: Melusine is a first-generation android developed as part of the (now-defunct) Dragon series. The Dragon series was developed within the corporate labs of Capitol as what would become the greatest military force in existence. With them, the corporations could control the entire world. However, this plan was ruined late into production when the Ladon the Wise, the series' most intelligent dragon, disappeared and the main control unit Tiamat went berserk, urging her brethren to escape corporate control. Supported by the power of androids such as Niddhog and Yamato no Orochi, the rebellion succeeded and the dragons disappeared to god-knows-where, leaving behind nothing more than scorched ruins and ruined plans.

Following the destruction, Capitol scientists began developing a new android series specifically to hunt down the Dragons. However, that wasn't their only problem. In the middle of the havoc caused by the rebellion, the head scientist of the Dragon Project disappeared from Capitol, taking with him the final and incredibly important unit of the unfortunate series. This unit was Melusine, a knight-type android named after a tragic legend and outfitted with a legendary weapon from ancient wars, a TELOS implant Dragonfire.

Taken away to Europe, Melusine was hidden away in a small town in France and raised by the scientist as his own child. Although initially suspicious of the pair, the townspeople grew attached to Melusine's noble and intelligent nature and soon enough, the town became the only home she ever knew. This is where she spent the entire life she values; never told about her true legacy, she wondered about her unnatural strength and agility when compared to other children. However, Melusine never questioned her father and ended up growing up as a normal, cheerful girl.

However, such things always come to an end. On the seventh year of their life in the town, the scientist came down with a heavy illness. Although the townspeople did everything they could, it was no use. The scientist was already old and passed away, content with the seven peaceful years he spent with his final creation. As his final duty, he left Melusine a small pendant shaped like a tear wrapped within a silver dragon and a document containing details of her abilities, and asked her to leave the town to seek out her own destiny.

It took a week of mourning, but finally, Melusine decided to follow her father's advice. Now fully aware of what she is, she gathered what few belongings she head and set out in search of a new life.

After several months of travel through Europe, she somehow ended up in a different universe—she was as stunned as the next person, but because of her trusting and outgoing nature, she soon found a friend in that place. They found out that they were from the same world, and he was able to tell her that she wouldn’t be able to go back once she’d gone out. Naturally, this didn’t make her any happier with the situation, but she remained positive and searched for a way back together with this man.
They quickly came to care for each other as siblings, but the man, who called himself Aether, had to keep the bigger picture in mind. After some months in this place, he went on with his search for their home world, and so did she. They promised to keep in touch; but neither expected to meet again in a different world where they didn’t remember a thing from their past.